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Samen Industrial Group (SIG) was established in 1987 by the assistance and support of a group of highly competent and experienced engineers. Since then, SIG has participated in a wide range of engineering activities and has gained great achievement in this regard. SIG is active in engineering design, supervision, and management of various developmental and industrial projects. Our competent highly motivated and creative employees’ unique potentials and capabilities for SIG Companies. These capabilities have attracted the attention of many clients to work with this well-recognized and prestigious company. In reality, SIG is a combination of potential and background of over 30 companies active in different fields of Oil, Gas and petrochemical plants, construction, i.e. buildings, industrial complexes, transportation facilities, power industries and many others. Upon the implementation of large projects, SIG has rapidly developed itself and has now become a leading specialist in ports and harbors and shipbuilding industries.

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Dr. G.R.Gieahpour / Iran Samen

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Our MAin activities



Enhance and Increase Oil Recovery Methodes


Increasing Oil Recovery

road equipment

Road Building Machinery

We Design, Construct and Support Sand and Gravel Plant and Machinery

asphalt plant

Asphalt Plant

We Construct Asphalt Plant and its Related Equipments

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