Samen Industrial Group sand washer and scrubber

      • This machine, as its name suggests, is used to wash the sand and separates the gravel and sand from muddy water.

Sandstone is used to break down and wash the product at a crushing and sand and mineral processing facility, and is usually installed under the first slab. In this device, the products are flooded with water along with water and during the rotation of the device, all mud and contaminants are separated and washed, and then the water is withdrawn from the final product and directed from the outlet to the outlet, The production of sand washed by this machine is approximately 60 tons per hour.

    The use of clean sand means no dirt and loose grains in the construction of concrete, mortar, asphalt is of particular importance. Due to the fact that if the sand is free from the above materials, the material made of it will not be strong.
    • The spiral sandstone is submerged by the fact that the sand and the resulting product, together with impurities, are immersed in the water reservoir, and due to direct contact with the helical itself and the turbulence created in the water, fine grains, soil and clay Loose from sand and produce impurities.

Different Types of Sand Washers:

    • 9 meter Sand Washer

      Materials, along with water in the sand dune, are driven by a screw to the outlet and the water is drawn out.

  • scrubber Sand Washer

    Suitable for production lines for high capacity. The low speed of the rotary gear and the large pond and the high discharge height of the muddy mud cause the maximum settling of the sand filler.