Samen Industrial Group produce cone crusher


Samen Group cone crushers are of advanced design with a small footprint and high capacity in relation to size. They have high efficiency and also have a very good product shape. With hydraulically adjusted CSS, the option of automation, a choice of several different crushing chambers, and many other high-performance features, each model is versatile, user-friendly and highly productive. Cone crusher is used as a primary or a secondary crusher in mines. We can produce cone crushers according to your demand on output and capacity. We can also provide cone crusher spare parts for your current cone crusher. Cone crusher is specifically useful in mines with hard stones difficult to break.

    • Features:

      • Strong structure
      • High capacity for breaking stones
      • Easy to control
      • Low expenses

This type of rotor crusher works vertically. Designing this machine is easy to use due to the use of first-grade materials and rock crushing on the basis of low wear and tear.
The rotor of this machine has a number of bearings made of very thick and resistant steel, which is protected by a steel shell. The joints of this machine are made of two types of alloys, the protective cover of the steel and the main blade is made of tungsten carbide.
This machine is working to produce high-quality compound products (sand production for asphalt and concrete) and crushing of hard and soft minerals (such as silica, feldspar, zinc, dolomite, barite, etc.).
The grinding of the machine is made of stone on the stone, which reduces the wear and tear of the interior parts of the machine compared to similar machines, on the other hand, the flawless form of grinding, the design of this device is such that the minimum time and cost for repair, maintenance, and replacement Components use