A railway that even reached Wikileaks The spokesman of the Economic Commission of Majlis claimed the reason for canceling the contract in 2012 had been the financial breaches committed by the Manager of Pars Energy Company. According to the spokesman, Pars Energy manager fled from Turkmenistan after taking 220 million USD. His company was active in gas industry project!!! before winning the railway contract in Turkmenistan. In a confidential document which has been released by Wiki Leaks, the manager of Iran Samen representative Company Office in Ashkhabad, Capital of Turkmenistan in the said document when speaking on the contract of 2010, the spokesman stated that when Iran Samen Company was on the verge of taking and signing the contract, Pars Energy Company suddenly “came out of blue” and took the contract. According to the Spokesman Economic Commission of Majlis, “Esfandiar Rahim Mashaee” used his influence to have the contract assigned to Pars Energy.