Conveyor System

Conveyors worldwide are used in industrial sectors, packaging units and assemblies. Conveyors can facilitate the transport of items with normal and abnormal shapes from one point to another, regardless of their weight. Depending on the type of conveyor used, the objects and materials move in horizontal or steady state. Non-stop materials are carried on the conveyor surface from one point to another.

    The Conveyor Belt also referred to as Conveyor, is used to move and transport components or products in most industries, and is considered as one of the low-cost and cost-effective methods. Depending on the type of technology required in the transportation system of mines, metallurgy, food industry, packaging industries, and so on. According to the requirements of this device, the device should be placed individually, in pairs or in combination with other devices horizontally and slopingly in the layout of the production line

The function of the conveyor is as follows:

    The conveyor assembly is made up of a strap mounted on a flat metal bed or metal rollers. When the distance between two displacement points is long, the roller conveyor is the best option because the roller helps reduce friction. It is not necessary that the strap should move in a straight line. They can also be moved around in different corners with special fittings. The conveyors are made according to the center of forces, so that they can continue to move smoothly in the corners and the screws, and there can be no tension in the material while moving in these areas.

Different Types of Conveyors:

  • Fixed conveyor belt
    For cases where the conveyor should only remain in one place and at a constant height.
  • Movable Conveyor
    In this case, height and position can be changed. Height changes can be made both manually and hydraulically.
  • Chain conveyor
    The conveyor belt with flexible parts can be designed and constructed according to the needs and the atmosphere of the mode. The basis of its operation are chains and blades that can move the devices to the bottom of the machine.
  • Roller Conveyor
    Used to transport heavy equipment from roller conveyor or roller conveyor. This machine consists of hollow rolls, which depends on the length of the rollers. The products are placed on the rolls and moved by moving rolls.
  • Handcrafted Conveyor
    Hand-held conveyor belt is used when the product moves, another process, separating and cleaning, or adding another product to the current product. This canvayer is like a tray that checks the user for the product and applies the intended processing.
  • Loading conveyor
    The conveyor belt is made in two types of fixed and movable with the help of a wheel and according to the location, loading and loading angle, the design stages are done. By connecting the conveyor to the end of the production line without the need for a forklift truck, the cost of this segment can be significantly reduced.